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Check out the features of AutoPro dealership management software, and see exactly the wonders our platform can work for your business!

Manage your inventory

With, you’ll always know exactly what is going on with your inventory. allows you to track your inventory from purchase to sale, including expenses and leads for each individual vehicle.

Your AutoPro inventory instantly syncs with your website, as well as outside platforms such as Kijiji Kit and AutoTrader, with many other integrations coming soon!

Gain granular insights into each unit. How long did it take to sell? How much did you make? How much did that sale cost you in expenses? All of this, and more at your fingertips instantly.

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Manage your clients

In today’s business world, having insights into your customers that can help you build relationships is vital.

Quick and easy access to customer information is crucial for maintaining quick and efficient communication.

Easily add, edit, track and manage your clients with View purchase history, customer notes, payments, balances owed and much more.

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Manage your sales

The quicker you can close a sale, the more time you have for relationship building with the client, or for other sales!

With quickly enter your sale and instantly generate all required paperwork.

AutoPro automatically tracks all sales data allowing you to generate reports and gain deep insights into your business, at a small fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

Don’t let your sales paperwork slow you down. Time is money!

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Manage your website is more than just Dealership Management Software, it is also a website management system too!

Get a beautiful, responsive website for your dealership, that’s linked directly to your DMS system, allowing you to easily manage, sync and update your website, with your inventory in real-time. Manage how your business is shown on search engines, and throughout the web.

Allow customers to find you on all major search engines, view your inventory, and easily contact you through your website.

All of this and more is included, in all of our plans except the Basic package.

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Generate reports, gain insights

Accumulating data is great and all, but being able to effectively use it is what is actually going to make a difference. allows you to see visual representations of your data, and quickly and easily generate reports allowing you to make more effective and timely decisions.

Which brand of vehicle sells the quickest? Which is the slowest? What is the average number of days a vehicle is owned before it is sold?

Answer all of these questions and much more almost instantly with!

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Manage your dealership

Manage your dealership from anywhere with an internet connection!

Your AutoPro software can be accessed from a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Instantly manage clients, leads, employees, inventory and much more from any device, anywhere, anytime. was designed by dealers, for dealers, to save you time and money!

Harness the power of AutoPro today! Can you afford not to?

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